Can I cancel my PAN card and get a new one?

Question BankCategory: Goods & Service Tax (GST)Can I cancel my PAN card and get a new one?
Goda asked 3 years ago

You cannot change the PAN number once it is allocated. All data of your income will not be allowed to change only by using this number through the Income Tax Department.
Why do I want to cancel an existing PAN card and want to get a new one? I think I can help you.
If you want a new PAN card with the same PAN number, you will get a new PAN card by filling out the 49A form as per the Income Tax Act 1961.
Another thing is that if you still have a PIN number, you can fill the 49A form and cancel the PAN number that is assigned to you by the Department.
No, you cannot cancel the existing PAN card to get a new one. If you have two pan cards, you can surrender one and keep it with you. But you can apply for a new transaction somewhere in your PAN card, but to give you a new address, give the new PAN card a new success card after you get the apply new pan card. Good luck.
It is not legal to keep multiple PAN cards, so here is the government provided by others to give up.
However, you can edit your PAN card details through the NNTL website. This is Rs. 105. PAN cannot be cancelled or
Changed unless two PAN numbers have been allotted to you by mistake.
You may fill and submit PAN change application form by mentioning the PAN which you are using the PAN which you are using presently on top of the form. All others PAN’s mistakenly allotted to you should be declared at time no.11 of the form and the corresponding PAN card copies’ should be submitted for cancelladation along with the form.

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Bhupender answered 3 years ago

PAN number cannot be cancelled to obtain a new PAN number. if PAN card is destroyed or lost, then new PAN card can be obtained for same number.

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