About Us

CACube is online learning platform bringing clarity to all your confusions in the field of finance. CACube is founded by Mr. Kumar in his spare time. In this challenging task, Mr. Kumar is well supported by his professional colleagues . Mr. Kumar (B.COM, CA, LLB, NET, JRF, HMM, MEC) is having more than ten years experience of working with financial matters. Mr. Kumar is honored with national level certificate of merit by IBBI.  CACube is created with the aim to ease in the learning process of finance & economy with tagline “Finance- from confusion to clarity”. Founder can be reached at admin@cacube.in.

At every moment of our life we have to take some decisions which impact our life. It may be a Financial decision, Business decision, Management decision, Legal Decisions, personal life decisions etc. Some of these decisions are so important to have a great impact on our life and we can not afford to take wrong decision. Financial World is changing very fast and now taking financial decisions without expert advise is costlier, So we are here to help you in taking the right decision in the field of Finance & Economy. We publish various blogs related to Finance & Economy in easy to understand language. Anybody can post his question on our platform so that various users of our website can reply to your question as per their knowledge and understanding.  Different angels of solutions may come to you and it may be helpful in taking the decision. 

What we do

Question Bank 

We provide a discussion platform for the users where user can post their questions related to finance & economy. These question are answers by various users as per their knowledge & understanding. As a difficult question for one user, may appear easy to another user.  All these questions are displayed in Question bank section.

Free Quizzes

User can play our free quizzes in the form of multiple choice questions on various topic like Banking & financial awareness quiz, Legal awareness quiz, share market awareness quiz & Taxation quiz etc. Click the link to test your knowledge CLICK HERE.

Finance, Economy & Taxation Blogs

We also publish various blogs related to the field of Finance, Taxation, Economy, Banking & Investment. These blogs are written in easy to understand language, which may be helpful for the user in understanding a concept. All the blogs are available for free. These blogs are written by our users having varying level of knowledge and sent to us at contact@cacube.in. You can also send us your blog to us at this email ID and if it meets our quality criteria it will be published on our website with your name & photo.

Tax Calendar & Tax Rates

We also publish due date calendar for various due date of Income tax and GST at Due date list.   Various due date of Income tax and GST and extended various times hence taxpayers may face problem in finding the final due date. Our Tax calendar may be helpful for the user to meet the deadlines and to avoid penalty and interest. We also publish, various rate of income tax & GST, under menu “tax rates and due dates”.


Under presentations menu, various presentations prepared by various professionals and users are placed, which can be presented directly from this website connecting your PC to any Digital Conference software or to projector.  Any user who want to publish his presentation can sent us at contact@cacube.in. Any user required any presentation on any specific topic related to finance, can fill contact us form under “Contact Us” menu or can email us at contact@cacube.in.

Useful Content

Downloadable files are made available under download menu.