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Banking, Economy, Business and Financial awareness Quiz (Multiple Choice Questions of Financial Awareness-MCQ)

Online Quiz
Quizzes help us to test our knowledge and memory. Hence taking quizzes is very important tool to sharpen our memory. We are developing some quizzes for our user to enable them to test their knowledge & memory. Questions chosen for the quizzes are helpful for various competitive examinations like bank exams, SSC, PCS, CGL etc. We are in the continuous process of adding more & more questions. All the quizzes are free , just click on ‘START QUIZ’ button to take a quiz.
  1. Random 20 question will appear each time and Each question carry one mark.
  2. No negative marking
  3. time is limited to one & half minute per question. Timer will run in lower right side corner of screen.
  4. passing condition is 60% marks.
  5. Result will be shown after completion of quiz.
  6. On trying again, questions of quizzes and their options may change randomly.
  7. Answering a question is compulsory to move to next question.
  8. Answer once marked cannot be changed.
  9. If you fail to answer a question within time limit then it will be considered as wrong answer.
  10. If any doubt please feel free to contract us. at contact@cacube.in or click here to fill contact us form.

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