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Money is the Best Motivator

Money is the Best Motivator

Just ask yourself what keeps you motivated. After reading this post you can say that money is the best motivator which motivate us for:

  • doing a job which you don’t like.
  • rising early in the morning when you want to sleep.
  • staying in a remote or such area where you are unable to find things of your choice.
  • continue a relationship even if it ends.
  • work hard in unfavorable conditions and many more things….

The honest answer of most of such questions is money and in rest of questions it may be love. The motivational effect of Money or Love is the thing which keeps a person motivated toward doing a thing which he was unable to do or not like to do. For example if person is doing a job 10 p.m to 4 a.m then even if do not like that job still he continue. He may have an offer for an other job with less salary in day time but he will just continue with earlier one because high salary keeps him motivated for that job.

In an other example if a person doing job of his own interest like a marketing job. He likes his job of marketing hence he will do the job with passion as like it and continues the some for some time. If this job is not giving him enough money then slowly slowly he will be bored with the job if then his salary is increased then money will motivate him and his interest will be doubled.

To run a business successfully, participation of motivated employees is the key. Work allocation must be as per work interest of employees along with bonus money being a motivational factor.

Just think what is your dream in life and you want to follow your dream. But are you free to follow your dreams. Some people may be but many are not. Why not, because they have not just crossed the financial constraint line. The Key point is such that someone can follow his dream if he is financially good, otherwise his primary goal will be to earn livelihood. First just cross this line of financial constraint then someone will be free to follow his dreams. That’s why money motivate most of the persons in this world because everyone wants to live his dreams. But under the motivational control of money some people are so motivated that they just forgot their dreams and continue to increase bank balance till the last breath. They have to remember the fact that money was not his dream but money was the key to enable them to live their dreams.

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