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Necessary skills for your child to build career in 21st Century

Necessary skills for your child to build career in 21st Century

In the Twenty first century, Students need to develop skills as per need of time to build a successful career. In this post, we are discussing above such Necessary skills for your child to build career in 21st Century. Technology is changing very fast and twenty first century is going to witness “Digital Revolution”. Everything is going to be digital as earlier photo camera, voice, image, message, data processing etc were not digital but now all these are digital. Even some countries are planning to launch their digital currencies and after its development hard currencies may be discontinued.  Our present education system have many problems which needs to be resolved to improve the quality of output i.e. Human resources. For example the recent news commenting on education system are:

  • About 25 Indian students, studying in their first semester, enrolled in a computer sciences programme at Western Kentucky University, USA, have been asked to return to India or find placement in other schools after they were found not meeting the admission standards of the varsity.
  • When topper of 12th Arts of “Bihar School examination control board” been asked about his subject Political Science, topper replied that political science is related to food cooking. After this Bihar board put their result on hold and orders an inquiry.

What is this all happening, you may feel that our education system is worst. It only enforce students to get marks and ranks but it fails to enforce student to learn things by basics. But on the other side, we can see that our country produces best human resources in world like scientist, doctors, engineers, CAs and many more. Hence we have to focus on learning not on marks. The day on which you did not learn a new thing is the real waste. Keep learning and developing new skills as per the need of time. Prime minister scheme of Skills development is very positive step in this direction. Hence to make your child a child of 21st Century, apart from routine education, following skills needs to be developed necessarily:

  • IT Skills

Just forget your area of specialization like art, commerce or science and start developing your IT skills having great significance not only in coming time but presently also IT skills are important enough for all areas of study. It has become necessary requirement for all. For Example, If you are a commerce student and you have not developed your IT skills then you can not continue with the coming changes in commerce like online filing of all data to government, online marketing, E-commerce, XBRL etc.  Hence not only Science or commerce but all areas of work are now strongly connected with IT Skills. Hence to compete in market you need to develop your IT skills. At present not only IT professional but even a common man need to have workable IT skills to take advantages of schemes made for benefit of common man like online consumer complaint, online apply for various government schemes, online voters data modification etc.

  • Financial Skills.

In the 21st Century, Everyone must have workable financial literacy so that he need not run to Financial experts for his routine financial activities. Students needs to aware about their financial duties like, what are taxes applicable on them? How to pay a tax online? How to get benefit of any exemption notification? How to file online returns for any tax applicable? How and where to register to start a business? What are my other financial responsibilities.? A person must be able to handle all such financial matters itself?

In case of a person having successful career, doing business or job and have a busy life schedule, then it is not necessary to do all such thing himself, he may get the things done through an agent But He must have knowledge how these things happen so that a financial expert can never take undue advantage.

  • Legal skills

As of now most of people are not aware about law of land i.e. Indian Law. But it is necessary for success in coming time that a person must have knowledge of law of land so that nobody can cheat him in the name of law. A person needs to have answers like What are the laws applicable to a particular type of business which i am doing? What are exemption available in those law and how can I avail them? How to respond a legal notice? How to deny the people asking for bribes? How to fight corruption? What are the licenses required for a particular business and how to obtain them? etc.

  • Entrepreneur  Skills

Our Education system is focused towards making good employees and not on making good employer. That’s why students who are good in study generally become employee somewhere and students who are not good at study, they generally become entrepreneur or politician. Hence our education system must focus on entrepreneur skills also. If system fails, then it is our responsibility to motivate our children to develop business skills.

  • Health Skills

An educated people of 21st century must have basic health skills like name of general pills and for what purpose they are used. Which medicines are banned? Home remedy? Yoga basics etc.

  • Relationships Awareness

Relationship also plays an important role for the development of personality which helps in building a successful career. This is the time, we need to overcome traditional thinking of gender discrimination. Students must learn about relationships at schools in right age so that they will be comfortable and confident in group of opposite gender. And they will be able understand how to disallow their relationship ruin their career and vice versa. It is very important to understand the importance of Relationship and Career separately at right age otherwise their relationship and career may ruin each other.

If we want our children to have a successful career then above skills needs to be developed in schools or  home.



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