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SBI increased Interest Rate for Domestic Term Deposits.

Today on 28-2-2018,
State Bank of India (SBI) increased retail deposit rates by 10 to 50 basis points across various maturity baskets.
It may also be followed by other banks.
With effect from 28th February 2018 the revised interest rate on retail domestic term deposit below Rupees 1 crore is as follows:

7- 45-day : now 5.75%, earlier 5.25%
46- 179-day :now 6.25%, earlier 6.25%
180-210-day : now 6.35%, earlier 6.25%
211day- <2year: now 6.40%, earlier 6.25%
2year to 10 year: now 6.50%, earlier 6.00%.

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