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Things That Should Be Taught In Every School

Things That Should Be Taught In Every School

Be honest and review our education system, you will find a messed up education system.

I mean, by passing through different classes/grades of our education system we just even unable to find a stable job. Technology developing so fast that robots will be doing two third of the work in another twenty five years.  Just obtaining college degree is now worthless and new industries and technologies being invented about every six month.  But we are pushing kids through same curriculum their grandparents went through. Don’t you feel things needs to be changed. All the important history and science etc. we went through during six to seven year of our education system could probably find Wikipedia and youtube and could be understood within few weeks now. Was it ok; to spend six to seven year on such things if these thing can’t secure a livelihood for me.

I mean most important things you need in life; you don’t learn that in school. I know these important things are figured out by someone himself as an adult.

The curriculum must be framed to include following:

  • Personal Finance:

Just after completing education the most important thing that a person has to manage is Personal Finance. But unfortunately this is not learned in our education system. If a person wants to learn how to manage personal finance, then he has to go through a separate course for it. Our education system does not consider it compulsory subject but makes it optional though a separate course.

Just tell me if Understanding personal finance is not compulsory for a education system and such history etc are compulsory then after completing education a person needs to manage what history or personal finance.

Consequences of not making a personal finance a compulsory subject are:

  • Educated people does not know how to and when to file a income tax return.
  • Educated people unable to understand policies of govt for the benefit of people like loan on beneficial interest rate etc.
  • Educated people unable to understand good investment options. They are unable to compare different available options and even for such small thing they have to run to Chartered Accountants.

If we have to work with personal finance then why it is not included in basic education system.  Just think, what intention of government is.

  • Technology:

Technology is changing very rapidly but our curriculum for subject science is as it is since long.  Through education system people should be upgraded with the use of recent technology so that requirement of industry is met out and People can find suitable jobs. For Example, After so many years of computer came is our life, Even now our basic education is unable to give people who are comfortable with the computer. People go to outside centres to learn the use of computer.

Our education system must be upgraded to make the students comfortable with the use of new technologies.

  • Relationships:

We learn about relationships itself and makes our own definition of relationship based on our experience with it like breakups or successful relationship. These things may affect some people so much that people may even ready to die or kill someone for a small relationship.

These things are the consequences of not learning about relationship in education system. Our education system should be upgraded to enable us to handle relationships so that we understand to respect a women and respect the feeling of others.

  • Logic and reasoning

It is very important for an education system to enable the students to understand the logics and reasoning. This is very helpful even in day to day life also. For Example

If “all cats are ants and all ants are dogs then all dogs are cats”

Is it true or false.

Of course it is False.

Here we have to understand the importance of such a questions for an education system. The importance can be understood with following example:

“Most Criminals are poor. Most poor people receive Welfare. Therefore most welfare goes to criminals”

These things are false, yet you see them in the media as fact, debated by leaders as if they are valid arguments and became the foundation of many people’s biases and prejudices.

Hence ability to understand logic must be developed by passing through a education system.

  • Self Awareness

Self Awareness is the ability to think about how you think. It’s the ability to have feelings about your feelings. To have opinions about your opinions.  For example, if a person believe that he hate some place or city. Then if he the foolish is not self aware then he will continue to believe that thing without any logic. If anybody challenge his belief then he will shout and became angry and will just continue his belief that he don’t know but he just hate that place or city.

But a person who is self aware, will be able to challenge the correctness of his own belief. He will ask himself why I have that place. He will find answer from himself like any person of that place cheated him. After finding such answer he will be able to analyse that Is it ok to hate the whole place due to one person.

Self Awareness is thinking about thoughts of myself.

By passing though an education system we want to make real, good, moral and intelligent people not robots. That’s why Self awareness need place in our education system.  Self awareness can be learned like other subjects if our education system give it a place.

Life is lived in the uncertainties, our certainties are just strategies we use to avoid adapting and changing and flowing through it.  Because education and learning should not end when the last class or diploma or degree handed out. It should only end when we do.

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