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Our Approach

At every moment of our life we have to take some decisions which impact our life. It may be a Financial decision, Business decision, Management decision, Legal Decisions, personal life decisions etc. Some of these decisions are so important to have a great impact on our life and we can not afford to take wrong decision. So we are here to help you in taking the right decision in the field of Finance & Economy. We analyze various aspects of a decision and give our opinion so that you can take the right decision.  A right decision can take you to the top but a wrong decision can destroy everything. Join us, we can help.

What we do

CACube is platform for providing consultancy in various aspect of life like Financial consultancy, Management Consultancy, Career Consultancy etc.

(1) We also offer free consultancy for small issues. All cases of free consultancy are displayed in Question bank section. Users need to accept our Terms & conditions before consulting us.

(2) If user want professional solution to their issues, our premium consultancy is there wherein you have to pay a nominal amount as consultancy fee. All premium consultancy cases are kept secret unless user permit us to share the case study with others. For premium consultancy please fill contact us form.

(3) Soon, we are going to start online learning courses for the person who are interested in learning finance & economy. These courses will be available only in online mode and after successfully completion of these courses, candidate will receive efficiency certificate. Users can subscribe to receive our blogs directly in their email account. To receive updates on Facebook, please like our Facebook Page. Click here

Our Vision

To be the best online learning platform of Finance & Economy,.

Our Mission

To provide the best online learning platform of Finance & Economy.

Meet the Founder

CACube is founded by CA Kumar Ashok. In this challenging task, Mr. Kumar is well supported by his devoted staff and professional colleagues . Mr. Ashok Kumar is a Chartered Accountant having more than ten years experience of working with financial matters. Mr. Kumar loves to solve financial quizzes and sharing his views about financial developments. He can be reached at admin@cacube.in.

CA Ashok Kumar

Founder & CEO