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Kollipara sundaraiah asked 2 years ago

Iam accounting  books prepared a hospital( nursing home.
Biil format.
Consultation (o.p.) fee
Room rent
ICU charges
Surgeons fee
Anesthesiologist fee
O.t. charges
Nursing charges
1.Assess above mentioned fees received and bill format  accepted in I.t. act.any fees not accepted in I.t. act.

2.How to maintained books and records accounting entries passed.

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Amit answered 2 years ago

Nursing home may charge fee under different heads of revenue. There is no such issue whether any heads of revenue  is accepted or not under income tax act. Income tax is applicable taking all revenue in account and after reducing expenses under various section of income tax act. (section 28 to 44). 
As per entry no 77 of Notification no. 9/2017 dt. 28.6.2017 “Healthcare Services by a Clinical Establishment or Authorized Medical Practitioner or Para medics are exempt from Goods and services tax”
but sale of medicines are taxable under GST. 
Hence if you do not sale medicines then you need not issue GST invoices. You may issue simple invoice showing detail of your charges under difference heads of revenue. 
secondly for accounting and maintaining books of accounts of clinic:-

  1. buy a software like tally ERP 9 which is good for small business.
  2. Open different ledger of revenue, revenue heads/group and ledger of expense, expense heads/groups. 
  3. Prepare opening balance sheet and enter opening balance of various ledgers.
  4. Start accounting like any bill of consultation fee of Rs. 1000 given to patient Mr. X and received the sum in cash then

Mr. X a/c Dr. 
To Consultation fee Cr. 
Cash A/c Dr. 
To Mr. X.
Hope it is clear…

Kollipara sundaraiah answered 2 years ago

1.Assess using tally software accounting the end of finicial year account copies print out and make a book manadatory or accounting copies pdf format saving or any other options.
2.above fees collected  paid to anesthesiologist persons and nursing to accounting entries passed.

Rabindra answered 2 years ago
  1. Books of accounts can be maintained in tally itself. For sharing the record of accounts pdf files can be generated from tally and no need to print record if no audit is conducted in small organisation. But if audit is conducted then he may take print out of all the records of tally. 
  2. Accounting entries for fee collected and paid to anesthesiologist and nursing persons:-

There are situations not explained in your question like nursing persons are on salary or professional….and anesthesiologist are on salary or professional. 
for accounting treatment, fee collected by nursing home and fee paid to staff are differently accounted because difference to these two are the profit of the nursing home..hence
fee charged ;-
cash/bank/debtor a/c Dr.
To OPD registration fee.
To Anesthesiologist Fee
To nursing Charges.
to Room Rent
To any other fee charged. 
and when payment is made to professional visited to nursing home;-
Professional Fee A/c Dr. 
to cash/bank a/c
Nursing staff salary A/c Dr. 
to cash/bank a/c
Book all income and all expenses then calculate profit of the nursing home. 

Kollipara sundaraiah answered 2 years ago

Assess maintained a private hospital. treatment details mentioned below for one patient.
Room rent rs:3000/-
Food and meals rs:1000/-
Doctor consultation fees rs:2000/-
Total rs6000/- per day * 3 days =total rs:18,000/- Bill amount for one patient.
Assess tds deducted sec 194j applicable and rate of tax applicable on total bill amount or doctor consultation fees only under I.t. act.

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