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Kollipara sundaraiah asked 1 year ago

Q.No.1 gst for workcontract:
Assess registered regular scheme in gst on workcontractor for services provided roads and repairs works to different government departments.
1.assess purchases of cement and iron from registered dealers . purchases itc claimed eligible.
2.labour charges paid to workers RCM applicable.
3.assess different  departments works part payment s amount received through on bank mode.
Question: assess how to filed producure gst returns( gstr3b and gstr1  two returns only or gstr7 )
Q.No.2 taxation for functional hall:
Rental income from functional hall rs.3,00,000/-
Advance received from customers rs.50,000/-
salaries paid to workers rs.10,000/-
Electricity charges rs.20,000/-
Cleaning charges rs.1,000/-
Staff welfare expenses rs.500/-
Total income and expenses detailes for one month.
How to calculate input and output and net gst tax payble .

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Rahul Mehra answered 1 year ago

GSTR-1, 3B applicable and GSTR-7 is applicable for authorities deducting tax at source(TDS) form GST.
GST @18% is applicable on functional hall rent and business need to provide his GST number to the person providing services or supplying goods in relation to the business if provided then input credit of GST as applicable will be readily available in the gst portal for adjustment while filing GST-3B. 

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