How to pass accounting entries

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Kollipara sundaraiah asked 2 years ago

Assess maintained a private hospital.patient bill details for aarogya Sri mentioned below
Particulars   amount
Consulting fees. :200
Blood and investigations:1500
Icu charges:1000
General ward charges:1000
Duty doctor charged:1500
Nurses charges:1000
Anaesthesia charges:3000
Traveling :200
Total rs:11,900/- bill
Scanaction amount Rs:10,000/-
Assess how to passed accounting entries and all incomes allowed in I.t. act.

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Beena answered 2 years ago

Arogya Sri being a private hospital may have developed an some accounting assumptions and some income ledger may have been opened for the purpose of accounting. Hence to book a accounting entry for the bill raised by hospital….
Cash/Bank/Debtor A/c is debited..(cash a/c for cash payment and bank a/c for digital payment but if bill amount is till due from the patient then his account may be opened in debtors )
If some discount is given by hospital administration then…discount/subsidy A/c is to be debited.
Then credit the various Income ledgers
To consultancy charges a/c
To investigation charges a/c
to X-Ray charges a/c
To nursing charges A/c
To doctor charges a/c 
to sale of medicine a/c
to sale of food a/c
to ICU charges A/c etc.
After this all actual salary payable to doctors and nurses and debited to expense a/c and if building is rented then it is also debited to rent a/c …
this is just an idea…general , ledger and then final accounts of hospital are prepared…There are many software available in the market the digitize the whole accounting process and generating bills online…you may choose…any software for the same.

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