its urgent related to cmp 08 cab rectify in gstr-4

Question BankCategory: Goods & Service Tax (GST)its urgent related to cmp 08 cab rectify in gstr-4
mansi asked 1 month ago

sir, im wrongly data feeded in cmp-08 in taxable column bymistake one 0 exta put up but  the value is 1090000 on tax is 10900 so my tax amt is correct but taxable taken as 10900000 so i can rectify ,y taxable value in gstr-4 plzz kindly help me asap 

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Amit answered 4 weeks ago

CMP 08 once filed cannot be revised…Since FY 2019-2020, composition taxpayers have to pay the liability through Form GST CMP-08 on a quarterly basis while GSTR-4 Return is required to be filed on annual basis after the end of a financial year…Hence you can revise the sales data in annual return…Aa you said, you have paid correct amount of tax…Only sales figure can be revised in annual return…

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