How to close my bank account in PNB.

Question BankCategory: Finance & EconomyHow to close my bank account in PNB.
A J mehra asked 4 years ago

How to close my bank account in PNB.

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Ashok Kumar answered 4 years ago

Following steps needs to be followed to close a bank account:-

  1. First of all, you need to withdraw or transfer your money from that account. you may decide to keep some small amount in that account, which will be refunded after closure of bank account.
  2. Now call to customer care and block your atm card stating that you are going to close that account.
  3. Now you need to download “account closure form” from the bank’s website and fill it. / this form can be obtained from any branch of your bank.
  4. If you have cheque book, you have to cancel all cheque or destroy it in front of bank officer and it is to be declared in “account closure form”.
  5. Now you have to submit “account closure form” to any branch of your bank. You may call to your branch and if they agree you may sent scanned copy of this form to their email.
  6. After closure of your account, your bank will refund your balance in your account as per mode of payment selected by you in “account closure form”.
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