What is meaning of digits of PAN number.

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Arshi asked 4 years ago

What is meaning of digits of PAN number. What is the interpretation of alphabets and digits in PAN number.

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Aman answered 4 years ago

PAN is a 10 digit alpha-numeric number in which
-first five characters are alphabets
-next four characters are numbers
-last character is again an alphabet.
PAN Explanation:
1) The first three characters are the normal alphabetic generated randomly.
2) The fourth character represents the status of the PAN card holder. Find what fourth character stands for from below list-
C – Company
P – Person (Individual)
H – Hindu Undivided Family
F – Firm
A – Association of Persons
T – Trust
B – Body of Individuals
L – Local Authority
J – Artificial Juridical Person
G – Government
3) The fifth character represents the first character of the PAN holder’s Surname.
For eg- If your name is say Ashok Kumar,then the fifth character of your PAN will be ‘K’.
4) The next four characters are again random numbers.
5) The last character in the PAN is calculated by using a formula on the basis of other characters of PAN.
Hence only forth & fifth character of PAN can give you some information about PAN card holder and others can not provide any direct information.

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