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Taxability of Pension from EPFO under EPS-95 scheme.

Question BankCategory: Income TaxTaxability of Pension from EPFO under EPS-95 scheme.
P.Seth asked 5 months ago

Pension received from EPFO (Employee’s Provident Fund Organization) under EPS-95 scheme is taxable or not. 
If Yes, then Pension (EPS-95) is taxable under which head of income (“Income from salary” or “Income from other sources”.)

1 Answers
Manish answered 5 months ago

Monthly Pension received under EPS-95 is taxable.
Please note that this pension is chargeable to tax under the head “Salaries” if employer-employee relationship exists.
However in case pension if received from EPFO (employees provident fund organization) and there does not exist employer- employee relationship. Therefore such pension is taxable under the head “Income from other sources”

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